Project Name: Tropical Storm Allison Recovery Project
Floodplain RM No.: 070065
Stream Number: G 102-99-00
County: Harris State: Texas
Key Map No.: 499R
Established By: Baseline Corporation
Date Established: 12/26/2002
NGS Clasification(1): Range VI
Watershed: San Jacinto River
RM's Directly Tied: 070015, 070010, HGCSD32
Units of Measure: US Survey Foot
Survey Method Horz: GPSOBS
Survey Method Vert: GPSOBS
Horizontal Datum: NAD83
Horizontal Adj.(2):
Projection Zone: Texas South Central 4204
Vertical Datum: NAVD88
Vertical Adj.(3): 2001 Adjustment
Geoid Model Used: GEOID99 (Conus)
Station Name: 070065
Contractor PID: NA
Rod Depth:
Stamping: RM 070065
Sleeve Depth:
Mark Logo:
Geoid Height: -89.11
Latitude: 29° 45' 34.43836" N
Northing: 13844825.90
Longitude: 95° 03' 20.04425" W
Easting: 3219756.08
Ellipsoid Height: -81.86
Elevation(4): 7.50
Convergence: 1° 55' 57"
Scale Factor: 0.999890615
Satellite Observable: YES
Elevation Factor: 1.000003919
NGS PID (if applic): NA
Combined Factor: 0.999894533
General Location
Bayshore @ Burnet Bay
To Reach Description
From Spur 330 and Bayway;Travel south on Bayway 1.35 miles to Schreck and turn right, then west on Schreck 0.7 miles to Bayshore and continue west on Bayshore 0.95 miles to the end of the road.Monument is in turnaround island on the curb 62.9’ south of the centerline of Bayshore.
  1. This is NGS' new classification system. Range VI indicates that this position meets the 0.02m-0.05m Accuracy Standard for Horizontal Position, Ellipsoidal Height, and Orthometric Height (elevation) at the 95% confidence level (m=meters).
  2. Horizontal Adjustment - This survey is constrained to the NGS Published Horizontal positions of the geodetic stations adjusted by NGS in 2001.
  3. Vertical Adjustment - This survey is constrained to the NGS Published Elevation for Northeast 2250 CORS ARP adjusted by NGS in 2001 and as published in PID AJ6430. Epoch Date 1997.00.
  4. The elevation shown equals the Ellipsoid Height minus Geoid Height (from GEOID99) plus a constant of 0.253 feet.
Station Recovery Data:
RECOVERY DATA FORM - submit to Harris County Permits Division
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Point Information Disclaimer: This data has been supplied by Harris County Flood Control District. No express or implied warranties are made by Harris County for the accuracy, completeness, reliability, usability, or suitability of the point data. Harris County assumes no responsibility for incorrect results or damages resulting from the use of the data.